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Cat 5 Studios Announces Partnership with AMS



Isabella Johnston, Public Relations

Cat5 Studios

Phone 321-422-2166

“World Class Development with a Global Team”


Cat 5 Studios is proud to announce their partnership with AMS and Steve Minard on a revolutionary project in Florida. The Cat 5 Studios team, with the finest talent from around the globe, is providing video and sound production and master and conceptual plans for a themed multi-modal attraction for the Minard family.

Cat 5 Studios has revolutionized conceptual planning, bringing proprietary technologies to the design process.

Steve Minard said, “I have worked with top talent in the entertainment industry and the staff at Cat 5 not only did inspired work, but they anticipated my needs and were able to absorb and further the vision that we have for the development.” Minard and his team have been involved in projects at Universal Studios, Six Flags, Disney, NASA, Navy Pier and many others.

Commenting on the process to date, Steve Minard, President, said: “We are pleased with the progress and hope this project will serve as a model for responsible construction, sustainability and positive social impact initiatives. We look forward to beginning construction after the permitting process is complete are excited to bring year-round world-class entertainment to Florida, with indoor and outdoor attractions and strong community engagement to provide access to the American Dream.”

For nearly 50 years, the Minard family and AMS partners have planned, built, and operated entertainment, rides and attractions, dining, and themed retail developments around the world. The family is planning projects across the United States. From Okoboji to Australia, billions of dollars in themed development has been built with the AMS team’s involvement. For more information contact public relations through (407) 308-9810 or For more information visit

Cat 5 Studios Founder and CEO, Isabella Johnston, shared “We are excited to partner with AMS and share the same vision as Steve Minard to support this major project that will launch in Florida.” Cat 5 Studios is a game and video production company that provides serious and entertainment games, 3D art, animation, and video to government agencies, nonprofits, healthcare, and defense sectors.

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